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Meet the faces of Riverside
Meet the faces of Riverside Medical Center

Giving Back to the Community

Download Riverside's 2013 Community Benefit Report
Healthcare Benefits
Extended to the Community
Subsidized Health Services: $22,873,798
Government Sponsored Indigent Health Care: $5,276,092
Uncompensated Care: $8,445,631
Charity Care: $5,082,961
Volunteer Services: $837,703
Education: $226,511
Donations: $34,368
Language Assistance Services: $18,677
Other: $12,446

Quality Healthcare, Well Within Reach

In 1964, Riverside Hospital was born from the desire and determination of a community seeking greater access to the highest quality health care. Now in 2014 and known as Riverside Medical Center, we have had the privilege to reflect upon the beginnings of Riverside, before there were beds or even bricks, as well as what this organization has transformed into today.

For as long as Riverside has resided along the Kankakee River, we have come together through fellowship--sharing aspirations, ideas and true generosity while supporting and growing remarkable healthcare in the region. I am excited that the vision for providing access to remarkable healthcare in the region remains strong as evidenced by our journey and growth over the past 50 years. Riverside's roots run deep through the heart of this community and this region, and we are truly transforming the health of the communities we serve.

In 2014 and beyond, the speed at which healthcare will change will only accelerate. New technologies, new models for the delivery of the highest quality, most advanced and efficient care as well as innovative ways in which to provide this care are on the horizon. For Riverside, many of them are already a reality. From telemedicine technology that allows physicians to collaborate with peers and consult with patients across the miles in rural locations to immediate and ambulatory care campuses, Riverside is prepared to provide communities with convenient ways to achieve and maintain better health. From the ever-increasing roster of more than 90 specialists and primary care providers of the Riverside Medical Group to the state-of-the-art senior life communities designed to meet the growing need for assisted living and progressive memory care, Riverside is setting a new course to put well within reach throughout every stage of life.

To learn more about Riverside's community efforts please download Riverside's 2013 Community Benefit Report.