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Meet the faces of Riverside Medical Center
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Vascular Care

Providing State-of-the-Heart, Comprehensive Vascular Care

At the Rush-Riverside Center for Heart and Vascular Excellence our highly skilled team of vascular specialists provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary care. Our unique, collaborative approach, advanced diagnostics and state-of-the art technology are unlike any other in the region. We are devoted to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of circulatory system diseases. To learn more about vascular conditions and other circulatory diseases please visit Diseases and Conditions.

Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention of Vascular Disease

When it comes to vascular disease, the potential severity is significant. It can lead to hospitalization, severe long term disability, amputation and even death. With early detection, most vascular disease cases can be treated effectively and recurrence or complications can be prevented.The unique team approach at Rush-Riverside Center for Heart and Vascular Excellence helps people proactively address problems they may not realize they have--before its too late.

Our multidisciplinary team includes:


There are several simple ultrasound exams that can detect vascular problems, all of which are non-invasive and painless. Typically 5- 10% percent of those screened have signs of vascular conditions, including blocked carotid arteries, aortic aneurysms and Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). If you feel you may be at risk for a vascular disease please take our online PAD Risk Assessment or call an expert at 1-855-VAS-CULR.


Effective treatment options exist for every type of artery and vein disorder. With today's technology, many of these treatment options can be done non-surgically on an outpatient basis. This means less down time, less expense and a quicker return to normal life.

Our specialists will work with you to ensure we select the best method to treat not only your condition, but more importantly, to care for you. To learn more about the treatment options available at the Rush-Riverside Center for Heart & Vascular Excellence please visit Treatments and Procedures.


Many people suffer from vascular disease as a result of unhealthy lifestyles. There are many measures that only you can take to prevent disease. Riverside Medical Center in conjunction with Rush-Riverside Center for Heart and Vascular Excellence offers many options to help you make your move to improve and maintain good health. Eating properly, staying active, not smoking, and regular checkups with your doctor all play a part.