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Meet the faces of Riverside
Meet the faces of Riverside Medical Center

Inpatient Mental Health Services

For Children

Riverside Medical Center offers comprehensive treatment programs that targets the unique needs of children ages 5 to 12. Programs are designed for children who suffer from severe depression, physical or sexual abuse and serious behavioral problems, incorporating a variety of therapies and educational programs.

For Adolescents

Adolescent Speciality Units

General Adolescent Care

For teens ages 13 to 17, Riverside offers programs that help to treat psychological, emotional and behavioral difficulties. Beginning with an in-depth evaluation, Riverside’s behavior health specialists determine the specific course of treatment that would most effectively address the needs of the adolescent. Teens who struggle with suicide, eating disorders, depression, aggression and adverse behaviors can benefit from this program.

What our Patients and their Families are Saying

" I absolutely loved the staff, I felt and knew I was in good hands. I would like to thank everyone here so so much. You all helped loads. I definitely loved that I could talk to people even if it was ridiculas Thanks! Also, when I go home, I'm gonna think of what I learned. And just shock everyone by how I handle all my problems. I'll be so proud because I know I can do it thanks to the staff here. For me, holding back this long and you guys putting all out in the open, is incredible. I always thought I had to keep it in and be miserable for the rest of my life, though you made it all turn around. My perspective on life is completely different I wish I could give everyone a huge thank you so much-God bless y'all. "
" Thank you to all the doctors, nurses, techs and other staff members for taking good care of our baby—We were able to leave here each day knowing he was in good, caring hands! Know that what you do is a gift from God and you touch the lives of more people than you realize in a very positive way. Thank You again! "

For Adults

Riverside has designed programs for crisis intervention and the short-term hospitalization for adult patients suffering with mental illness. Treatments include individual therapy, group therapy, recreational therapy and psychological testing. Social service professionals and case managers also assist patients and family members with continuing care options.

For Seniors

Focusing on the special needs of the elderly patient, Riverside has created treatments that concentrate on enhancing the mental stability and independent functioning of each patient. Staff professionals work with medical physicians to identify a relationship that may exist between the elderly patient's mental state of mind and any physical illness or disease.

Should you need more information, contact the Mental Health Unit at 815.935.7523

What our Patients are Saying

" Absolutely Positively a GREAT program. It gave me the opportunity to be with people who have comparable problems. Because of this program, I can now effectively communicate my problems of depression with my wife and family and they in turn can communicate with me when my actions are less than normal. The entire staff was respectful, helpful and very friendly… Excellent program, excellent people, excellent results. Thank you! "
" Thank you so much for being so kind to me. When I came to you guys I had given up and lost my will to live cause of some of the stuff I been going through. But you guys changed that. You all took care of me until I could take care of me. "