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Meet the faces of Riverside
Meet the faces of Riverside Medical Center

Adult Outpatient Mental Health Services

Dual Diagnosis Partial Hospitalization Program

This treatment program is geared for adult individuals who present with both substance abuse and mental illness issues. Treatment interventions will include group therapy, medication management and services to families.

Intensive Outpatient

The focus of this program is a less restrictive partial hospitalization intensive program for adults. It is designed to assist patients with chronic or prolonged mental illnesses to manage their daily life once they leave outpatient care and to reduce the need for re-hospitalization.

Should you need more information, contact the Mental Health Outpatient program at (815) 936-7373.

Oakside Clinic

With several convenient locations in the regional area, Oakside Clinic offers patients of all ages a broad range of counseling services for all types of problems. Marital counseling, sexual and physical abuse counseling, and individual, family, and group therapy are available, along with education and training.

Oakside Clinic Locations

Kankakee - 815.933.2240
Wilmington - 815.476.7130

What our Patients are Saying

" I just wanted to take a second to thank each of you for what you have done and taught me. Each of you have truly changed my life in ways you will never know. The things I learned from all of you will be the tools to get me thru the rest of my life! I still carry my notebook with all your teachings and a folder (toolbox) to help me thru hard times! You're incredible as a team! Each of you bring your own special gifts to share! Thanks again! You saved my life and I'm sure many others! I will NEVER forget any of you! "
" "It may seem weird giving you a thank you card because you were doing your job. But for me you were the life preserver that I needed. All of your insights have helped me to dig down into myself and see what I was blind to before. I was a victim, and there is still work to be done. But probably for the first time I'm beginning to see myself in another light. I don't have to be that victim; it's my choice. How liberating! May you continue your good works. God bless you! "