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Hearing Aid Selection, Counseling, and Fitting

Nearly 36 million adults in the US have some degree of hearing loss. Hearing aids can help improve hearing and speech especially in persons with most types of hearing loss.

Riverside Hearing and Balance offers a variety of hearing aids brands, styles and value:

Your insurance may cover all or part of a set of hearing aids - call your insurance company today to find out if you have any hearing aid coverage!

Hearing Aid Trouble-Shooting and Repairs

Repairs done on hearing aids not purchased in our office will be charged a small amount per hearing aid.

Assistive Listening Devices

Trial Options

Riverside ENT/Hearing and Balance offers patients one of two trial options.

  1. Two-week, No Cost Trial with hearing aids once hearing testing has been completed.
  2. 60-day Trial Period during which hearing aids can be returned for full refund on hearing aid price (fitting fee is non-refundable.)

Pricing Level Features

Economy Basic Advanced Premium
Warranty - Additional years can be purchased1 Year1 Year2 Years2 Years
Fully DigitalYesYesYesYes
Channels - More channels mean improved noise reduction capability and flexibility in programming4 channels6 channels16 channels20 channels
Manual Programs - Customizable additional programs the user can access with the push of a button2345
SoundFlow Technology - Automatically selects listening program based on the listening environmentManual Program SelectionSoundFlow Standard (2 programs)SoundFlow Advanced (3 programs)SoundFlow Premium (4 programs)
Zoom Ability - Ability to "focus" on a particular speech sourceNoneUltraZoom Zoom ControlStereoZoom
DuoPhone - Hold the phone up to one hearing aid, and hear the phone automatically in both hearing aidsNoNoNoYes
EchoBlock - Reduces echo or "boomy" feeling in hearing aidsNoNoNoYes
Wireless Technology - Volume and program changes for both hearing aids with button touches on just one aidNoYesYesYes
SoundRecover - Allows audibility for high frequency sounds otherwise inaudibleNoYesYesYes
SoundRelax - Decreases unwanted sharp, loud soundsNoNoYesYes
Wind-block - Helps to prevent wind noise when outsideNoNoYesYes
Bluetooth CompatibleNoYesYesYes
WhistleBlock - Identifies and eliminates annoying whistling soundsNoYesYesYes
Data Logging - Keeps track of how long the hearing aids are worn and the settings usedNoYesYesYes
Easy Phone - Hearing aids automatically go into phone program when phone is held up to aidsNoYesYesYes

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To request a consultation please contact Riverside ENT/ Hearing and Balance.

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