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Lymphedema Therapy at Riverside

Lymphedema is a chronic, debilitating disease of the lymphatic system. This condition develops when the lymph pathways are unable to circulate the excess fluid within the tissues, causing swelling.

Lymphedema is often seen in patients who have undergone surgery and/or radiation for cancer treatment. However, it can also be related to patients who have a genetic predisposition to the disease, a traumatic injury, tumor growth, or other infections. Common complications include:

Lymphedema Therapy at Riverside Medical Center

Lymphedema therapy combines manual techniques, compression wrapping/bandaging and exercise to relieve pain and swelling from lymphedema. A case of lymphedema means lifelong management. Although there is no cure for lymphedema, daily treatment of Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) can reduce swelling and decrease complications. Effective long-term lymphedema management generally requires inclinic treatment with a Physical Therapist or a Physical Therapist Assistant certified in lymphedema treatment, followed by daily home maintenance.

CDT has four components:

Additional treatment methods may include:

The goals of treatment include:

For more information download our brochures on Lymphedema and Chronic Swelling Management and Lymphedema and Chronic Edema Management.

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