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Meet the faces of Riverside
Meet the faces of Riverside Medical Center

What to expect from the Riverside Memory Center

Initial Phone Interview

Once referred to the Memory Center, patients and their families will engage in an extensive telephone interview. During this conversation, a nurse will ask about the patient's:

The First Visit

During the first visit, the patient and family will speak with a Neurologist and Nurse to review the information obtained during the telephone interview, the consultation form provided by the referring physician and any available test results. If not recent, a current MRI or CT will be ordered, as well as any necessary blood work. Additionally, a neurpsychological test may be scheduled for another date.

Once all test results have been obtained, the Riverside Memory Center team will collaborate to discuss, diagnose the problem and determine a course of action.

The Second Visit

A second visit with the patient and family will be scheduled to discuss the plan of care and prescribe any necessary medications. The patient and family can expect follow-up phone calls from the Nurse to ensure continued care and discuss any questions or concerns. Routine follow-up appointments also will be scheduled.

To ensure the best possible care, Riverside Memory Center will keep the patient's primary care physician informed of their care plans and any changes in the patient's condition.

Riverside Memory Center

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