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Meet the faces of Riverside
Meet the faces of Riverside Medical Center

Child Birth Classes

Maternity and Parenting Education

Childbirth Choices

This in-depth instructional course covers a variety of topics emphasizing "choices" in childbirth support. The expectant mother and her birth partner will learn about the many phases of pregnancy, variations in labor and delivery including the latest comfort measures, hospital stay, as well as information on caring for a newborn and adjusting to parenthood. A $25 fee will be due upon your arrival to this class.

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Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes

Designed for mothers-to-be, our certified lactation consultants will introduce you to great information about breastfeeding, how to get started and other practical tips. You will also learn more about the advantages and myths of breastfeeding, common concerns, and nutrition and pump information. We recommend you begin attending this class around the seventh month of pregnancy, although you are welcome to join at anytime. Fathers and support people are encouraged to attend.

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Breastfeeding Support Group

Riverside's Breast feeding Support Group provides support, encouragement and education for a good start with motherhood. It will focus on meeting and obtaining support from other new mothers, allow for questions, answers and discussion regarding newborn care, feeding issues and other general concerns.

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Lamaze Class

This day long class emphasizes the importance of coping skills and labor support techniques. Participants are encouraged to practice the techniques they learn in class, such as relaxation and breathing patterns, in order to better prepare for labor and delivery and to possibly reduce the need for some medical interventions. A $50 fee will be due upon your arrival to this class.

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Super Siblings Class

Super Siblings will teach your child what babies do, how to help there parents with the baby and how important they and the new baby are to the family. A $10 fee will be due upon your arrival to this class.

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Riverside Family Birthing Center Tours

Our OB Team is happy to arrange a tour of our labor, delivery and recovery suites, newborn nursery, and postpartum rooms. To schedule your tour of the Riverside Family Birthing Center please visit

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