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Most types of balance, dizziness, and/or vertigo disorders can improve with physical therapy. You may also benefit from a comprehensive audiologic diagnositic work-up. Ask your physician if this type of rehabilitation and testing is right for you.

Our goal is to provide you a comprehensive approach to treating your balance problems. You may be referred to an audiologist who will provide state-ofthe-art diagnosistic services, combined with objective assessment of underlying balance impairments specific to problems of the inner ear. Physical Therapists perform specialized tests and develop an individualized treatment plan to help improve your balance and reduce your risk of falls through balance and vestibular therapy.

Balance Center Team

The Balance Center Team The team is comprised of Physical Therapists specialized in balance training and vestibular rehabilitation, a program using advanced technological equipment to identify and treat specific balance and movement problems. Audiologists are also specialized in diagnostics testing of inner ear and balance problems. Both the Physical Therapist and the Audiologist work closely with your referring physician and/or an ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) physician.

Balance Self Test

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, you may have a balance problem.

For more information download our brochures: Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation, and Meniere's Disease.