To protect our patients, staff and visitors this flu season, Riverside Medical Center has initiated temporary visitor guidelines and restrictions.

No one age 17 or younger will be allowed to visit hospitalized patients at this time.

We ask that all people who have flu-like symptoms, regardless of age, please refrain from visiting patients in the hospital.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and cooperation during this flu season.

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Radiation Therapy at Riverside's Betty Burch Bridgewater Center Print Friendly and PDF

Advanced technology for cancer care is only as effective as the people delivering it. At the Betty Burch Bridgewater Center for Radiation Therapy, compassionate and knowledgeable experts are working every day to treat cancer. All of our medical and radiation oncologists are specially-trained in advanced methods to detect and treat all types of cancer. In addition, our oncologists have received extensive training in providing support for all the unique needs of cancer patients.

We have the latest equipment available including the most powerful TrueBeam STx Novalis Linear Accelerator. Delivering the strongest dose of radiation possible, this state-of-the art treatment uses extraordinary accuracy to maximize dosage to the cancer, while minimizing damage to surrounding areas.

Conquering cancer is not just about eliminating unhealthy cells; it's also about physically, mentally and emotionally healing the whole person. And so, the Betty Burch Bridgewater Center for Radiation Therapy has created an open, soothing environment, where the peace of mind of the patient and his or her family are always top of mind. We offer private consultation rooms to facilitate comfortable discussions. We have also created a reflection room--a private, quiet place for patients and visitors to relax and reflect. And for your own personal research, there's the cancer resource library. Here you will find a variety of literature and websites on topics ranging from prevention techniques to support groups.

Learn more about the Betty Burch Bridgewater Center for Radiation Therapy, or the TrueBeam STx Novalis Linear Accelerator.

For more information, or to arrange a tour of the Riverside Cancer Institute and the Betty Burch Bridgewater Center for Radiation Therapy, please call (815) 929-0010.