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The Riverside Cancer Institute has taken cancer care to a new level—with greater access to the latest technology, you’ll have more powerful ways to fight cancer while remaining close to your home and family.

By treating each person as a unique individual, we carefully select treatments from a wide variety of options and develop personalized, effective treatment plans. And all this is done in a compassionate, welcoming environment focused on your health and well-being. At the Riverside Cancer Institute, we do much more than treat your cancer, we work to heal the whole person: your mind, body and spirit.

Expect more results through collaboration. Here.

When exceptional minds come together, amazing things happen. Each week, multidisciplinary teams of physicians review each patient’s case, share ideas, learn from each other and get results. More minds create more solutions, and so our physicians often consult with colleagues at Rush University Medical Center and other major cancer centers. The Riverside Cancer Institute is your connection to the most advanced cancer care available.

The Institute recently expanded to bring both radiation and medical oncology together under one roof making collaboration among physicians, clinicians, disciplines and patients even more effective and convenient. The new space created a universal center of excellence in treatment uniting all aspects of cancer care together including Medical Oncology, Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy, Infusion Therapy, Lab Services, Pharmacy and Wellness Services for the benefit of our patients and families.

Expect more treatment options. Here.

Often, there isn’t just one solution for cancer. Each person and each situation is unique; and so is their battle with cancer. Technology and treatments are changing fast, and new, powerful options continually evolve, from minimally-invasive procedures to advanced radiation therapy and robotic-assisted surgery, along with the latest research drugs and medical advances. Riverside Cancer Institute is committed to staying at the leading edge of cancer care and able to tailor unique treatments that fight cancer in the best way for the individual.

Pinpoint Accuracy and Precision: TrueBeam STx Novalis Linear Accelerator and Brain Lab

This powerful noninvasive radiosurgery system opens up treatment options for some of the most complex and challenging cancers in areas such as the lung, liver, kidney, pancreas, brain and spine and central nervous system. It works by choreographing highly sophisticated systems—imaging, beam delivery and motion control allowing your cancer treatment team to “see” the tumor they are about to treat and apply very accurate and precise beams of radiation to it while compensating for your movement. This technology and treatment is fast and powerful and precise, with most treatments lasting only a few minutes and able to target tumors with submillimeter accuracy.

The Art of Minimalism: da Vinci Robotic-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgeries

While Riverside Cancer Institute offers advanced options for medical oncology and radiation therapies, we also offer many choices for surgery. This state-of-the-art da Vinci robotic-assisted surgical technique is minimally-invasive and extremely precise, resulting in less complications and quicker recovery times. With the advanced technology available at Riverside Cancer Institute, you’ll have access to the same, advanced treatment options available at many major cancer centers throughout the country.

Expect more healing. Here.

Conquering cancer is not just about eliminating unhealthy cells; it’s also about physically, mentally and emotionally healing the whole person. Riverside Cancer Institute has created an open, soothing environment, where the peace of mind of the patient and the family are always at the forefront.

The Riverside Cancer Institute was carefully designed to create a warm and calming environment throughout. Through the use of colors, natural textures and materials, as well as patterned glass, patients can experience privacy as well as connection to others, natural light and beautiful outdoor venues. There are multiple treatment setting options for the Infusion patient to choose from including extremely private to open and social rooms to appeal to a patient’s particular emotional and physical needs and desires.

To encourage open communication between patients and physicians, we offer private consultation rooms to help encourage open, thoughtful and engaged discussions with you, your family members, our physicians and staff. Other areas to support patients include a reflection room—a private, quiet place for patients and visitors to relax and reflect, as well as a cancer resource library that gives patients, families and the community access to a wide range of information, literature and resources ranging from prevention to support groups and more. In addition, our interior spaces and exterior grounds are designed to connect you with the healing force of nature. They include beautiful artwork, warm textiles and comfortable furniture complemented by inviting views, walking paths and a healing garden just steps away.

Nature is a powerful force -- one we all find our way back to for strength, direction and peace of mind. Our serene, supportive and informative setting as well as our experienced, compassionate staff, support this unique philosophy—providing the most advanced ways to treat cancer with the best way to care for you.

Expect the most advanced cancer care in the region. Here.

When it comes to your care, you should expect the latest technology, the most advanced and varied treatment options, specialized expertise and a truly compassionate approach. You should also expect to have all this well within reach—close to your loved ones and close to home.

Where you live shouldn’t separate you from the highest quality care. And now, with the state-of-the-art technology and treatment programs available at Riverside Cancer Institute, it doesn’t have to.

Expect an accomplished team of experts. Here.

Advanced technology for cancer care is only as effective as the people delivering it. At the Riverside Cancer Institute, compassionate and knowledgeable experts are working every day to treat and beat cancer. Our medical and radiation oncologists, as well as our surgeons, are specially-trained in advanced methods to detect and treat all types of cancer.

In addition, our oncologists have received extensive training in providing support for the unique and varied needs of cancer patients. Our surgeons are the only ones in the area who have the expertise to perform advanced noninvasive radiosurgeries as well as robotic-assisted surgeries. Our cancer specialists are dedicated to the Riverside Cancer Institute; working here full-time to bring you faster results and get you into treatment sooner. These experts are supported by a distinguished group of nurses who are nationally certified in oncology nursing. Our distinct staff offers an exceptional level of experience, expertise and compassion.

Riverside Cancer Institute
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Independent Disclaimer: Riverside Medical Center wants to ensure we keep our patients and families well-informed. We work closely with physicians who provide medical care to you. However, the physicians or providers identified with this symbol (*) are not employed by Riverside and are independent contractors.