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Estate Planning Q & A with Diana Pappas

Nicole Pilbeam

See below for a Q & A with Diana Pappas, a 50-year resident of Kankakee, on her personal experience with Riverside’s complimentary estate planning program.

Q: Why did you chose Riverside as a charitable interest?

A: Riverside has been my hospital of choice since coming to Kankakee about 50 years ago. I will give to Riverside because I turn to them when I need care.

Q: Why did you choose to include a gift to Riverside in estate?

A: The Riverside Foundation will be able to use my estate to benefit others and will make wise use of the funds.

Q: Describe why Riverside’s Estate Planning was helpful to you.

A: I talked with Jason several times and he helped me consider options that I did not know were available. He is extremely knowledgeable about tax laws and how they affect estates.

Q: What advice would you give to people considering giving an estate gift to Riverside?

A: Research ways that Riverside has benefited the community. The Foundation has created many opportunities for residents to get necessary treatment locally rather than having to go elsewhere.