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Riverside Medical Center Gives Back to the Community Print Friendly and PDF

Download Riverside's 2016 Community Benefit Summary
Total Community Benefit
Subsidized Health Services: $30,322,875
Uncompensated Care: $12,130,672
Government Sponsored Indigent Health Care: $4,354,976
Charity Care: $2,734,253
Volunteer Services: $699,639
Education: $345,365
Donations: $67,970
Language Assistance Services: $25,233
Other: $10,998
Total$50.7 Million

A Message From Our President

One of the things that makes me most proud of my role as president and CEO of Riverside Healthcare is what we as an organization do for the community. From Kankakee, where Riverside is established, to all the communities and locations throughout five counties where Riverside has now grown, we are always seeking new and better ways to meet the healthcare needs of the people who live here.

Riverside has a rich history of collaboration to serve the common good. We partner with a variety of agencies and organizations throughout our service area to make sure we are nurturing the well-being and bringing value to the lives of those we serve.

This report details the efforts we make to ensure that everyone, regardless of socioeconomic standing, can get the healthcare they need and deserve. Also in this annual report, you will learn more about how we are working with individuals and community alliances to address some of the most pressing health concerns in our region, including access to care, chronic disease, education and employment, mental health and substance abuse.

The statistics you’ll find here range from how many and what type of patients we cared for in 2016 to the total amount of community benefit Riverside provided last year, which was over $50 million. The information and numbers contained in this report highlight a remarkable story of the extraordinary efforts of many men and women committed to making better lives for those who live here. This devotion to ensuring all who reside in our communities have what they need to be at their best for themselves and their families is not only evident on the pages of this report but also in living Riverside's mission every day.

Riverside is proud of the work we do on behalf of the communities we serve, and thank you for taking time to learn more about that work.

Thank you,
Phil Kambick
Phillip Kambic
President & CEO

To view the full report, click here. To view the summary, click here. To view Riverside's non-discrimination notice, click here.