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A Message From Our President

Phillip Kambic

Serving the needs of the community has been the mission of Riverside since we opened our doors in 1964. From that time forward our organization has grown in the geography we cover, as well as, in the variety of services we offer. But what has not changed is our commitment to meeting the needs of those we serve. As president and CEO of Riverside Healthcare, I am proud to lead an organization that has community need as its guide.

The information and numbers contained in this report highlight a remarkable story of the extraordinary efforts of many men and women committed to making better lives for those who live here, regardless of economic standing. And it shows how Riverside works with other organizations to ensure we are addressing the area’s most significant health issues.

This Community Benefit Report and Assessment Update shows that as an organization, Riverside provided over $51 million in community benefit in 2017 and nearly 300,000 patient encounters. This devotion to ensuring all who reside in our communities have what they need to be at their best for themselves and their families is not only evident on the pages of this report but also in how our employees live the Riverside mission every day.

It is our hope you’ll take a moment to review this information to gain a better understanding of just how Riverside is making a positive difference in the lives of people every day.

It is our privilege and our purpose.
Phil Kambick
Phillip Kambic, President and CEO

To view the full report, click here. To view the summary, click here. To view Riverside's non-discrimination notice, click here.

Making Healthier Communities...It Matters.

Total Community Benefit
Subsidized Health Services: $35,241,148
Uncompensated Care: $5,930,223
Government Sponsored Indigent Health Care: $5,277,431
Charity Care: $3,463,618
Volunteer Services: $792,571
Education: $272,093
Donations: $76,623
Language Assistance Services: $24,756
Other: $10,372
Total$51.1 Million