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Clinical Excellence. Outstanding Experiences. Superior quality and safety because...It Matters.

At Riverside, our mission to provide healthcare experiences that are as remarkable as life itself impacts many lives every day and has earned us national recognition.

Our goal, however, is not to win awards. We do our work to help make patients' lives better.

The awards we receive highlight our continued commitment to superior quality, clinical excellence and outstanding experiences for our patients and our community.

These real-life patient stories reaffirm that Riverside’s award-winning care can save a life or improve a life in ways that were not imagined. Outcomes like these are just part of the complex independent research involved in awarding these distinctions, but the impact on our patients’ lives is what really matters.

The Randolphs

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"Your Heart & Mine"

Severe chest pain caused Jim Randolph to pull to the side of the road and call 9-1-1. He was having a heart attack, and the award-winning team at the Riverside Heart & Vascular Institute performed a life-saving procedure in record time. But Jim’s heart wasn’t the only Randolph Family heart Riverside helped heal during his time in the hospital.

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"Minutes & Miracles for Maddie"

Myra and Nick experienced a text book first pregnancy and excitedly prepared for what they believed would be a routine delivery. However, even the most natural births may experience the unexpected. Learn how the round-the-clock, onsite partnership between Riverside and University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's newborn and child specialists saved the life of the Billadeaus' newborn daughter, Maddie...

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Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Bruno

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"Even Heroes Hearts Need Saving"

As Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Bruno began his firehouse rounds on a warm September morning in Kankakee, it never crossed his mind that it would his own life that would be saved that day. Learn how the proximity and outstanding expertise of the Riverside Heart & Vascular Institute and University of Chicago Medicine Cardiothoracic Surgeon Dr. Arshad Yousef became heroes to the Bruno Family and a community...

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Julia Gaskin

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"Spared The Pain. Back to Bowling & Life."

Spinal surgeries spared Pastor Julia Gaskin a lifetime sentence of debilitating pain and has allowed her to return to doing things that bring joy to her life. Learn how Julia achieved her successful outcome through the skilled hands of award-winning Neurosurgeon Dr. Juan Jimenez and the advanced treatments available only to this region through the Riverside Neurosciences Institute.

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