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The Riverside Lightkeepers Circle formed to recognize, thank, and inspire those who have included a bequest in their estate planning for Riverside. Those gifts continue the legacy of those who actively give today and provide a remarkable testament of their love of others.

Membership includes:

Know, too, that your membership will encourage others to consider Riverside in their planning, further maximizing the impact of your philanthropy

These are the keepers of light, the bringers of hope, the generous ones whose legacy heals the world.

The name derives from two powerful symbols: the lighthouse tender, or lightkeeper, who is entrusted with making sure that the light—a beacon of hope that guides ships away from danger-- is never extinguished. The circle is a symbol of unity and perpetuity, which signifies that for all time, regardless of the amount of their bequest, everyone has an equal seat in the circle. Thus gathered, they heal with their generosity and keep the light of hope shining for all who take part in the healthcare experience for generations to come.

Riverside Lightkeepers Circle letter of intent

Sample Language for Including Riverside in Your Estate Plans.