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Imagine surgery performed with only a small incision for less pain, less blood loss, less risk of infection, less scarring, quicker recovery and fewer complications.

Often referred to as robotic, endoscopic or laparoscopic surgery, minimally invasive surgical tools and techniques are transforming today's operating suites, allowing surgeons to perform a wide range of surgeries, procedures and treatments through tiny incisions of 1-2 cm requiring only a stitch or two to close, versus larger incisions required by traditional open surgery.

People who undergo minimally invasive surgery typically have much shorter hospital stays and recovery periods – and return to normal activities faster than ever imagined 20 years ago.

More than you can imagine? Not when you consider the growing number of non- and minimally-invasive procedures, treatments and surgery options available today. The list below is not all-inclusive, so if you are having surgery and are interested in learning more about minimally invasive options, please ask your doctor about what type of surgery is right for you.