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Around-the-clock advanced pediatric care for children and newborns provided at Riverside Medical Center by experienced pediatricians from University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital. On-site coverage allows children to be treated in and stay in the community. The child & newborn specialists will also be available to provide consultations to the Riverside Family Birthing Center and Riverside Emergency Department.

Hospitalists are on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week and communicate regularly with primary care physicians, nursing staff, emergency department and other hospital personnel to provide admitted patients with coordinated, ongoing and immediate care. These pediatricians are experienced general pediatricians but also have sub-specialty training in the most critical issues associated with children.

Child & Newborn Specialists work with pediatricians and other professionals involved in the care of children. If there is a significant change in the child’s condition, a child & newborn specialist will update the pediatrician. When the child leaves the hospital, a child & newborn specialist will give the pediatrician an overview of the child’s hospital stay and detailed instructions for any necessary further care.

Meet the Child & Newborn Specialists

Veena Bhamre, MD (Site Leader) Jean Schied, MD (Director) Aisha Jameel, MD Jannine Joyce, MD Laura Clarke, MD Nina Santos, DO Rachel Cane, MD Joseph Henderson, DO Sneha Iyer, MD Jaclyn Eisenberg, MD Nicole Bendin, MD Yessenia Castro, MD Brett Palama, MD Meredithe McNamara, MD Ayman Rawda, MD Mazen Rachid, MD Soye Ololade, MD