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Aquatic therapy refers to water-based treatments or exercises of therapeutic intent. A Physical Therapist uses aquatic therapy to apply the properties of water (buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, resistance, turbulence, etc) to exercise, allowing for pain free strengthening and range of motion. Treatments and exercises are performed while floating, partially submerged, or fully submerged in water. At Riverside Healthcare, aquatic therapy procedures are provided by constant attendance by a trained Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant, and are performed in a temperature-controlled pool.

Aquatic Therapy

Each client receives an evaluation by a Physical Therapist who then develops an individualized program, or plan of care, to follow in the therapy pool. Rehabilitation commonly focuses on improving the physical function associated with illness, injury, or disability. Aquatic therapy is an excellent treatment choice for clients with spinal injury/disease, orthopedic conditions, and obesity to name a few.

Riverside Healthcare Rehabilitation Services offers Aquatic Therapy at two locations. Both locations have handicapped accessible pools with chair lifts as needed, as well as, private, modern changing rooms and shower facilities.

  1. Riverside Health Fitness Center - call 815-928-8324 for appointment
  2. Riverside Senior Life Communities - call 815-935-7514 for appointment
Both locations are open to the public – a Physician Referral is needed to attend Aquatic Physical Therapy.