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Physical and Occupational Therapy

Physical and Occupational Therapy

It is very common for your doctor to prescribe Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy as part of your treatment following a spine injury. In fact, the majority of patients get better with a course of physical therapy and do not require further treatment or surgery. However, in the event that surgery or other medical treatment is needed, therapy plays a vital role in restoring strength, mobility, and function to help you return to your lifestyle. At Riverside Medical Center, our therapy department is called Rehabilitation Services. Your doctors and therapists are a team at Riverside Medical Center, and will communicate about your care. Call (815) 935-7514 for an appointment or call the Riverside Medical Center at (815) 932-8888 for assistance.

For your convenience, Riverside offers therapy at many locations, making it easy for you to choose a facility close to home or work (see list of locations elsewhere in this packet). All of our therapy areas offer physical therapy, however some locations may be home to a special type of therapy program for your spine. When reviewing the programs Riverside Rehabilitation Services has to offer, make note of which location fits your spine problem and lifestyle. We take pride in our ability to provide convenient, specialized care for our patients.

Physical Therapy

Treatment involves restoring overall function by improving flexibility, strength, balance, endurance, walking and stair climbing just to name a few. Physical Therapists use manual techniques, exercise, education, and modalities such as heat and electrical stimulation to help relieve your symptoms and restore your mobility and function. At Riverside Medical Center, we employ experienced physical therapists with advanced training in spine at each of our locations.

Manual Therapy, Massage

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy is used during physical therapy treatments and is basically the time the therapist spends with their hands on the body. Therapists use manual therapy to evaluate and treat spinal disorders. They are able to use their hands to loosen up stiff spinal joints as well as to loosen tense muscles. Manual therapy is a valuable part of physical therapy and works well when used in addition to exercise and education. All of our therapy locations have therapists trained in manual therapy.

Chronic Pain

Riverside Medical Center supports a specialized chronic pain program through the Occupational Therapy Department. This chronic pain program involves an advanced manual technique called myofascial release. This treatment, along with exercise and an education program, has been very effective in treating chronic spine pain that does not respond to conventional treatments. Our Occupational Therapy team at the Riverside Atrium location has advanced certification in the myofascial release technique.

Return to Work

Following a spine injury, it is very important to return to work as soon as possible. Many patients become very weak and deconditioned following a spine injury and are unable to return to a physical job. The Work Conditioning and Work Hardening Programs help to increase total body strength and conditioning to allow for return to work. The therapists are also able to use tools and equipment to help simulate repetitive or difficult tasks that you may do at work. Riverside Medical Center’s Occupational therapy team also performs functional capacity evaluations to determine your ability to return to work after recovery. Our return to work programs are at the Riverside Atrim.

MedX Therapy

Spine Therapy with MedX ©

MedX is special exercise equipment designed for exercise of the back and neck muscles following an injury. These machines help patients regain strength and motion while keeping the spine in proper alignment. Their special design allows specific targeting of the spinal muscles during exercise and can allow for faster recovery following a spine injury. The MedX© equipment is available at the Riverside Atrium.

McKenzie Method ® Spine Therapy

The McKenzie Method® is a highly researched therapy method that is used by physical therapists worldwide for evaluation and treatment of spinal injuries. The treatments are focused on, but not limited to, instruction of simple exercises and movements to manage spine symptoms. The foundation of the McKenzie Method® is to give you, the patient, tools at home to help relieve symptoms when you are not in therapy. Our therapists at the Riverside Health Fitness Center and Atrium locations specialize in this technique and have completed the necessary coursework for certification.

Aquatic Therapy

Riverside Rehabilitation Services offers physical therapy in the warm water therapy pool at the Riverside Health Fitness Center. The water is a perfect place for spine therapy as the water “unweights” the spine and joints during exercise as well as relaxes sore muscles. Ask your doctor about adding aquatic therapy to your therapy prescription. This service is only offered at Riverside Rehabilitation Services’ Health Fitness Center location.